Night to Shine South Atlanta Volunteer Registration

Gender: *
*Background checks are required for ALL volunteers over the age of 18.
I have had a background check within the last 12-18 months: *
If no, a background check will need to be completed. 
(Use the link on the Collaboration Church Page:
If you are under the age of 18, a permission slip signed by your parent/guardian is required to volunteer. (Use the link on the Collaboration Church Night to Shine Page to access the form)
Former Special Needs Skills/Training
I have volunteered at Night to Shine Before: *
A List of Some of the Volunteer Role Opportunties:
 Coat Check
 Tear Down
 Buddy (The person who accompanies a guest during the event)
 Guest Registration                 
 Hair, Make-UP & Shoe Shine          
 Food Service                         
 Parking Lot Attendants
 Food Prep
 Dance Floor                           
 Red Carpet
 Sensory Room                         
 Social Media Photographer
 Bathroom Attendant                 
 Local Security