2024 New Camper Application

If you are applying more than one camper please fill out a separate form for each child.

Have any sisters ever attended Chaviva ? *
If the trip you selected is not available would
you be willing to switch to the other trip?
This question is extremely important.  Please answer accurately as it may determine your acceptance. *

IMPORTANT - Acceptance depends on this:  Before a camper is accepted, we will contact references and she must meet the approval of our head staff.  Please provide names and phone numbers of two of her last year's Mechanchos/Home Room/Limudei Kodesh Teachers, who know your daughter well. It is important that you provide the private numbers of the teachers (preferably cell phone).  If the school number is given, it may delay (or derail) the process.

Will you only come to camp if your friends, cousins, etc are accepted?
Upon acceptance into camp by receiving an acceptance email, I understand my card will be charged the deposit amount of $850. This will be applied towards my final camp fee. I then have 48 hours to deny the spot for a full refund. After this time the regular cancellation policy applies.  *