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RH White Scholarships

RH White Scholarships are scholarships granted to assist students with the cost of tuition fees at Uniting College for Leadership and Theology and are made possible through the generous gifts of Richard and Emily White.

Richard Henry White grew up in Cornwell England where he experienced first hand the mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Cornish revival.

Richard migrated to Australia in 1878 and began working with Harris Scarfe where he had a successful career as a manager for the Implement Company.  Richard married Emily Wincey in 1886 and they were both huge supporters of evangelistic missions.

After an evangelist rally held in 1912 by famed Americans, Dr Wilbur Chapman and Charles Alexander in Adelaide,  Richard & Emily were so moved by the spirit that they gave their home for the establishment of a new bible college and later further gifts were made to provide for scholarships.  The Bible College was named the Chapman Alexander Bible Institute and its vision was “To train young men and women in the English Bible and practical methods of Christian work.”  It was established for students from any denomination across Australasia.

In a tribute to Richard White in 1929 by Cyril Wheaton of the Australian Christian Commonwealth it states “For our purpose, the religious convictions of our late benefactor are of the chief importance.  At about the age of 21 he faced the solemnity of life, and thrashed out its meaning alone with God.  From the security of faith then reached he never retreated.

Richard had a passion for excellence and giving things your best for God. Richard “laboured and sacrificed as few men have done to make it possible for those whom called to prepare their hearts and minds for his holy service.  He was a very systematic and thorough student of the bible, and felt deeply, right to the end of life, that Scriptural truth was the only rock on which men and nations should build”.

Emily White had a very strong Christian faith and prayer life.  It was Emily who was the inspiration for the establishment of the then bible college and the handing over of their home for their work.  Emily’s prayer life was well appreciated by her husband where in his tribute it was stated ”in this crisis, as often in great matters of secular business, he sought the counsel of his wife, believing that to her deep mystic experience of God some sign would be given.”

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