Hearts for the Arts at Artisans Gallery - Artwork Check-in Form

This year we CAN accept 3D pieces and jewelry! There isn't a lot of counter space so contact Ann to ensure we can include your piece! Wall hung work: Maximum size is 12" in either direction, including mat and frame. Must be ready to hang at drop-off (wired preferred - please no sawtooth hangers).

Info for social media

Arts Council will profile a handful of participating artists. If you're interested in being profiled, please send a photo of yourself WITH your contributed artwork (if possible) to ann@artscouncilsc.org along with an email answering the following questions:
1) Artists are inspired by many things - who or what lights your fire? Can be a one sentence answer, or ten.
2) Tell us why it's important to you to participate in this auction. Are you passionate about Arts Education? Are you a supporter of the Arts Council's work? Or maybe you just have a thing for hearts? Whatever your motivation, we'd love to know.
Thanks for your contribution, and for helping to support arts in schools in Santa Cruz!!!