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This web form is issued so that people will be freely welcome to issue a statement regarding black metal projects, death metal bands or conceptualist audio projects, as long as the ideas represented by this musical statement are issued to represent the Satanic or any other secular statements upheld by The Satanic Yearbook Foundation in representing an underground of secular religious ideas. We are aware that in representing such religious ideology of Satanic religion, the movement expressed by the black metal scene is enormous, and we are established to represent this as one movement as a project to represent a movement of darkness. We issue this statement so that people are represented, and if this issued statement is intended to be published verbatim, then the Satanic Yearbook offer this as a platform whereby people will be represented without any cost to themselves. We also intend to use information issued to support our campaign work in representing Satanic religion, although if people would choose not to be involved any further that issuing a statement then we are happy to take this on board.
ENTRY FOR INCLUSION WITH THE SATANIC YEARBOOK. This statement will be taken verbatim for inclusion with The Satanic Yearbook. We ask for this to be less than 400 words. Thank you for supporting our project.
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