2019 Waterford Festival Registration

Thank for your interest in Waterford events! This is an application for the Waterford Harbor Farmers Market, Steamboat Meet and Tugboat Roundup.
Waterford Harbor Farmers Market
Sundays, June through October, 9am to 1pm
The Waterford Harbor Farmers Market is a weekly outdoor market at the Hurst Harbor Center (formerly the Waterford Visitor Center) below Lock 2 on the Erie Canal. The market includes local farms, artists, and other small businesses. The Waterford Harbor Farmers Market features weekly live music. A specially blended coffee, Harbor Joe, is available, as well as breakfast or lunch from the sandwich cart. 
Café tables are on the promenade for visitors to enjoy while they listen to music, chat with world travelers, or enjoy the view of the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers and Peebles Island State Park. 
Steamboat Meet 
Saturday, July 6, 2019
10am to Dusk
Steamboats have a long and storied history on the Hudson River where Robert Fulton and Robert Livingston launched the Clermont in 1807. Trains, and then cars, surpassed the steamboat as the preferred mode of transportation along the Hudson River, but the steamboat never lost its charm. Each July, the Town of Waterford hosts steamboat enthusiasts from throughout the Northeast and their lovingly maintained steam powered boats. The scent of wood-burning engines fills the harbor as the steamboats demonstrate their maneuverability on the water. Visitor can walk along the dock and get a close up look at these vintage vessels. The event features live music, crafts and food vendors, and a spectacular fireworks show at dusk. 
Tugboat Roundup 
September 6th, 7th, 8th, 2019
The Tugboat Roundup is a gathering of tugboats and other vessels and a celebration of New York's rich maritime history and industry. The Tugboat Roundup typically features about thirty tugs and other vessels including working tugs, historic tugs, mini-tugs, and barges. 
The event begins on Friday with a tugboat parade, a magnificent display as they round the bend into the Waterford Harbor. Tugs are open for tours on Saturday and Sunday.  
In addition to showcasing the history and present day uses of the waterways, there’s something for everyone at the three-day event. Tugboat Roundup features Tug Talks, craft and food vendors, live music, kids’ activities, a farmers market, boat rides, a 5K race, and a spectacular fireworks show.  

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Only one Direct Sales vendor per company is accepted per event. Preference is given to those who have participated before. 
The Farmers Market accepts Direct Sales vendors on Opening Day, July 7th, and all Sundays after Tugboat Roundup. 
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Steamboat Meet

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Tugboat Roundup

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The Tugboat Roundup is a three day event, Friday afternoon/evening, Saturday (10am to Dusk/Fireworks) and Sunday (10am to 3pm). Friday is optional for vendors. Vendors can set up Friday before 2pm or Saturday morning before 9am. All vendors are expected to be in attendance Saturday until 6pm (or later) and Sunday until 3pm. Vendors who are no-shows or opt to close or leave early may not accepted for future Waterford events. If accepted, can you commit to attending all day Saturday until at least 6pm and Sunday until 3pm? *

Waterford Harbor Farmers Market

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