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*This order is a monthly recurring order which will be processed on the 1st and/or 20th of the month. Minimum monthly order is $300.
* Except Bank Holidays - Orders will be processed on the next business day. Orders will be shipped once funds are cleared.
DISCLAIMER: e-GC are Digital Gift Cards and the codes will be sent to the member's email address.
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Note: Please note that in case of eVouchers the codes will be sent to the member's email address. Refer to www.cashbackworld.com/us  for a full selection of Vouchers and eVouchers.

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Note: To complete payment via automatic direct debit, please note that a Direct Debit Authorization Form must be completed.
Automatic direct debits will be withdrawn 3 business days before monthly orders are processed.
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It is the responsibility of the Cashback World Member to maintain sufficient funds to cover the authorized ACH drafts, therefore there will be a $15.00 fee for every unsuccessful attempt due to unavailability of funds.

myWorld America Inc., is hereby authorized to draw drafts of ACH debits or issue ACH credits on the account maintained by me (us) at the above named financial institution.

This authorization shall remain in effect unless and until myWorld has received written notification from me (us) that this authorization has been terminated in such time and manner to allow myWorld to act which may take up to thirty days. By executing this Authorization Form, the undersigned individual(s) represents,warrants, and acknowledges that: If this is a corporation, limited liability company, or partnership, the individual(s) executing this form has the requisite legal power and authority to complete and submit this form on their behalf. The undersigned represents and warrants to myWorld that the person executing this form is an authorized signatory on the Account referenced above and all information regarding the Account and Account Owner is true and correct.
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