NTEU-FEEA Coronavirus Grant Application 2020

During the Coronavirus pandemic, NTEU is opening the NTEU-FEEA Relief Fund to provide $500 grants to employees at NTEU-represented agencies/departments (view list) who have exhausted all annual, sick, and advanced leave from their agency, are currently showing leave without pay on their most recent pay stub, and are:
  • hospitalized with COVID-19; or
  • severely ill at home with COVID-19 (unable to work); or
  • serving as primary caregiver for a family member, living in in the employee’s home, who is seriously ill with COVID-19
To apply, please complete the information below and click "Submit" at the bottom.

Please submit only one application. Due to the high volume of applications expected, it may take us several days to process your application. Our ability to help is subject to the availability of funds and we will process eligible, complete applications in the order they are received. Applications missing required attachments will take longer to process. Attachments can only be submitted in PDF format.
If you do not work at an NTEU-represented agency, please visit FEEA's Coronavirus Loans page for information about other available help and resources.
I certify that I am a federal employee at an NTEU-represented agency or department currently suffering from COVID-19, or serving as primary caregiver to a family member with COVID-19. I further certify that all information in this application is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge. *
Are you a veteran of the U.S. armed forces? *
I am/was (please choose one): *

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