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Upon signing this Registration form to volunteer with HGRBS in the capacity of Volunteer Associate you agree to represent the HGRBS mission to "support" and to "connect with" private home decision makers (our constituency) consistent with conduct outlined in the HGRBS "Volunteer Associates Guide; " and to assist each resident of said constituency towards making better decisions and getting better results from the people they hire to assist on their home maintenance and improvement projects.

Further, upon signing this Registration, you also agree that in the event anyone in our constituency claims to have been or is being victimized by one or more people hired to assist with private home projects, that you will do your very best to recommend them to legal authorities normally delegated the responsibility of looking into and resolving such claims. Those are matters of law best left to the various government agencies in place to attend to. Steer clear.

Finally, upon signing this Registration you acknowledge the fact that you are an independent volunteer. You are responsible for anything you do or spend in the course of your service as an HGRBS volunteer associate. The network is based on individual initiative and self-accountability. Therefore, in signing this Registration, you are agreeing that HGRBS is not nor will be accountable for the decisions you make or for the money you invest towards this noble cause.


Volunteers Are Not Authorized to Solicit for Donations

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