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Tax Information

In accordance with the laws of the United States Internal Revenue Service, KHI is required to obtain a completed W-9 from all merchants based within the United States. For companies outside of the United States, a W-8 form or the enclosed W-8 Substitution form is required. Your merchant account will NOT be completed without one of the below forms. Please select which form is to be submitted.

Invoice Submission Method

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Email is the preferred submission method if you are not electronically sending invoices to us.  For the AIR Card program, you will send invoices to  For the RESQ Card program, you will send invoices to
A KHI representative will reach out to discuss your invoice submission choice.
In order to avoid the 0.5% Paper Invoice Fee, would you like to be set up to use our FREE online Point of Sale software (AvPOS) to process your KHI Card Program transactions? *
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