What is a Proposal / Request?

It is a method by which to describe new ideas, enhancements to existing tools, or support to help you "keep the lights on".  Proposals/Requests should be concrete - that is, something that is reasonably well-defined and can be understood by someone with a basic understanding of your department’s role. No technical details need defined.

What happens after you submit this form?
1. Administrators collaborate to ensure "the ask" is understood.
2. "The ask" is then tagged as urgent, pervasive, and/or bringing either real or operational value to the organization at large.
3. Lastly, technical implementers determine if "the ask" can be realized by BUYING an off-the-shelf tool, BUILDING a custom solution, PARTNERING with a contractor or CONFIGURATION of an existing tool.

To avoid technical debt, configuration and off-the-shelf tooling is preferred.

NOTE: Submission does not guarantee acceptance.