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** Entertainers have a 1 hour window for unforseen circumstances like traffic, flat tire, being pulled over, getting lost, etc. All entertainers are asked to call & confirm 3 hours prior with clients **
** Less people mean less money to make. There is a $50 upcharge per entertaininer's arrival fee for parties with less than 5 people in attendance, a $50 upcharge per entertainer IF past midnight when you book & a $100 upcharge to the entertainer IF booked past 3 am. This is YOUR Resposibility **

Entertainer Selection

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** Reminder this is ONLY the booking fee **
Entertainers also recieve an upfront balance and tips BEFORE performing. Booking fees guarantee a 30 minute to 1 hour show depending on tips (except for male Headliners, which are guaranteed one full hour). Additional time is solely dependant on tipping & negotiating with the entertainer. Lots of tipping & participation = a long and fun party, typically lasting 1 to 5 hours on average!
**Arrival fees will sometimes vary depending on the location of your party, the number of people in attendance at your party, or can even vary depending on the time of night (past midnight or past 3 am bookings adds extra charges) you actually call in to book your entertainer(s), model(s) or actor(s)**

*Must select 3 entertainers for every 1 entertainer you are booking.  For example: when booking 1 entertainer you'll need a top 3 choices, when booking 2 entertainers you'll need a top 6 choices, etc...*
* If all of your choices are unavailable, we will check availability of similar entertainers and confirm with you before they are locked in *


MC Entertainment & Services does NOT have a "deposit system". A deposit insinuates that the money paid will be deducted from the total of the arrival fee of the entertainer. This is NOT the case. MC Entertainment & Services collects a small $100 entertainer booking fee per entertianer booked. This is the money we collect to keep to help facilitate the booking, marketing, make a small company profit, to pay our staff & keep our office rental space as well as the lights/wifi/utilities on.
If things weren't 100% clear there are three fees that YOU are paying:
1 - There is one fee for booking each entertainer
2 - There is an arrival fee for each entertainer
3 - There are tips for each entertainer
That is unless...
Additional fees may be added to the entertainer arrival fees if:
*Your event is not in Atlanta
*You have less than 5 people attending
*You are booking late after 12 am or 3 am
*You are actually only booking a 1-girl party
*You absolutely must have a costume your entertainer doesn't own
Party Pricing Example:
I am having a bachelor party in Alpharetta, GA with 8 guys attending and want to book 2 female entertainers. I unfortunately waited until last minute and I am booking at 2 am in the morning. I will pay $200 as a booking fee and have a remaining balance of $150+tips + a $25 travel charge, for driving an hour from Atlanta and a past midnight $50 surcharge for each dance to be paid to them when they arrive. My total is $600+tips:
* $200 Booking
* $125 x 2 Dancers = $150
* $50 x 2 Past Midnight = $100
* $25 x 2 Traveling to Alpharetta = $50
* Tips (undetermined)
TOTAL: $600 + tips
Party Pricing Example:
I am having a bachelorette party in Atlanta, GA with 14 ladies attending and want to book 1 male entertainer that is a headliner.  His headliner price says $200.  I will be paying $100 to book, and have the $200+tips ready for him upon arrival.  My total is $300+tips:
* $100 Booking
* $200 Dancer
* Tips (undetermined)
Total: $300 + tips
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I, [pipe:2] [pipe:3], have read & fully understand the Arrival Fees: *
I, [pipe:2] [pipe:3], have read & fully understand the Additional Charges that may apply. Same day bookings past 3am call us at (678) 768-3611 for a quote on the dancers before submitting the form: *
I, [pipe:2] [pipe:3], have read & fully understand the entertainers stay longer based on tipping: *
I, [pipe:2] [pipe:3], have read all of the terms & conditions as well as our policies listed on the website. I, [pipe:2] [pipe:3], completely understand all that I have read on MC Entertainment & Services website & I am fully aware that if I cancel due to my own misunderstanding of these policies that I will be subject to adhere to our strict cancellation policy and our detailed terms & conditions described on www.MCEntertainment.org *
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