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Applicant: The content of this application are confidential and will be subject to privacy and administration of the National office of Psi Rho Alpha Visual and Performing Arts Honor Society.  Please complete all appropriate fields of content and submit when finished.  If you are applying for membership at an institution that does not have a current chapter, a chapter must be chartered first at that university, college or institution before your application can be considered. 

Chapter Information

Please provide the name of the Chapter, University, College or Institution of desired chapter.   

Personal Information

As a Student Member your Active Status is based on your joining fee and your annual chapter membership dues.  If these dues are not paid during the fiscal year, your Active chapter membership will be considered "Inactive".  All members must adhere to all membership eligibility requirements stated in Psi Rho Alpha’s National Constitution and Bylaws.
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Academic Information

If a student member fails to maintain the required GPA, Active Membership is revoked. Active membership is based on the completion of requirements stated in Psi Rho Alpha’s National Constitution and Bylaws.
Academic Information
Visual and Performing Art Field of Study

Program Information

Professional/Academic Reference

Please provide a professional or academic person of refence regarding your involvment in the study of visual and performing arts. Your reference should have knowledge of your area of craft, any content related to your professional or educational background or your current involvment with visual and performing art. 
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Membership Aggreement

I agree and support the purpose of this Society. I have read and affirm that I meet all membership eligibility requirements stated in Psi Rho Alpha’s Constitution and Bylaws regarding membership. I shall adhere to the moral standards of the Society. I will uphold the standards of Psi Rho Alpha and keep this objective and aim in my mind. I pledge to support my fellow members, chapter, national organization and all worthy endeavors sponsored by Psi Rho Alpha Inc.

Following the submission of your application to Psi Rho Alpha Visual and Performing Arts National Office, each applicant and or chapter adviser will receive a confirmation email notification within 72 hours (Business hours not including weekend dates) that your application has been received.

A person currently incarcerated is not eligible for membership. A person convicted of a felony crime or any crime whose potential sentence is more than one year is not eligible for membership until three years following completion of all conditions of the sentence including probation
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