'In Your Classroom' Presentations for Students

Catering to Utah public school students, this virtual in-classroom interactive presentation is free of charge.

Behind the Animation:

We take students on a journey of visual storytelling by going behind-the-scenes into the process of making an animated film. A professional animator leads your students through the creative process with specific attention paid to visual storytelling elements, construction, and impact of message.

This 30-minute interactive Webex presentation is designed for 3rd-8th graders.

MOVING STORIES presentations use Oculus Go headsets. Utah Film Center has enough for a class of 32 students or fewer. We cannot accommodate classes larger than that.  Oculus recommends these headsets for ages 12+ due to the size of the headset and the spacing of the lenses.
Presentations are available at 9am, Monday through Friday. Please select your preferred presentation dates.