FeaturesUSA is a full service PR Firm sponsored by PR Services firms.
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Use this form to apply to be an associate, where your income is based on the work you do. 
 The paid internship position has been filled.
  1. PR Professional Partners share revenue of the basis of 35% for the partner who sells and services the account (The Killer), 35% for the partner who does the work, writing, editing placement, etc. (The Cooker), and 30% for firm overhead. 
  2. Graduating Public Relations Student Society of Amercia PR Students are invited on the same 35%/35%/30% ratio, as an associate, will provided with leads to potentail business, but will not receive a guaranteed hourly rate.  .
Like any PR or Consulting firm, there are two distinct career paths.
1)   Be a "Killer" -- salespeople able to sell our services.
2)   Be a "Cooker" -- account execs to service accounts.
Please complete the form below to apply.
Are you a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) ? *
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