USA Volleyball Report a Concern Form

The U.S. Center for SafeSport has exclusive Jurisdiction over allegations of sexual misconduct.
If you are reporting Sexual Misconduct please click the following link to report directly to the U.S Center for SafeSport Click Here

To report any other form of Misconduct including Physical and Emotional misconduct (such as bullying, hazing, harassment), retaliation, violations of the MAAPP, or any other violations of the SafeSport Code, please complete the section below and a representative from USA Volleyball’s Safe Sport Department will review your concern.

All reports are kept strictly confidential by Safe Sport Program staff.  Reports may be submitted ANONYMOUSLY, however reporting anonymously may limit our ability to investigate your concern .  A person reporting misconduct should not fear retaliation when filing a report, he/she/they believe is true.  Retaliation of a report made in good faith before, during, or after the process is prohibited and is a violation of the U.S Center for SafeSport Code.
Intentionally filing a false allegation is a violation of the U.S. Center for SafeSport Code and may violate state criminal law and civil defamation laws.
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Alleged Offense Information.
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Additional Victim(s)
Individual(s) Who May Have Additional Information
List anyone who may be able to provide additional information regarding the alleged offense.  We will not identify you when we contact these individuals.
Your concern will be reviewed by USA Volleyball’s Safe Sport Staff.  USA Volleyball’s Safe Sport staff will determine proper jurisdiction and will either forward your concern to the U.S. Center for SafeSport for resolution, or your concern will be forwarded to the Commissioner of your Region for investigation and resolution.   If you provide your name and contact information, USA Volleyball Safe Sport Staff will contact you regarding jurisdiction and follow up. If you experience retaliation for making a good faith report before, during or after the process, please let us know immediately by filing another concern.

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