This agreement is by and between Warren County Philanthropic Partnership and the Applying Organization, here forth referred to as "recipient." The recipient agrees to the following as conditions of acceptance for the grant award. Recipient agrees to:

- Submit a final report on the form known as "Grant Evaluation" once the project as been completed. The project must be completed within 9 months of receiving the grant check, and future grant applications may be disqualified if a Grant Evaluation is not submitted for previous projects.

- Provide proof of purchase of items named in the grant application/budget. Receipts and proof of purchases matching the budget worksheet are required! Applicants who fail to submit receipts and proof of responsible use of grant dollars will be disqualified from receiving future grant dollars until proof is provided. In the event an item is no longer available and a different item is needed or the unit price has changed from the original budget, a "Change Request" must be submitted in writing for items not approved in the original budget. To request a change to your original application, please email 

- Give Warren County Philanthropic Partnership credit in publicity for your project. With your Final Evaluation, you will be required to provide proof of publicity, which could consist of social media posts, print media, published press releases, and local visual news outlets. We ask you to be proactive in your media coverage by sharing photographs and the story of your project, rather than just the check presentation photograph. A press release is available upon request from WCPP. 

- Provide photographs of the completed project to WCPP. This Grant Agreement also serves as a photo release - recipient agrees to allow WCPP use of the check presentation photographs on the WCPP website, social media and/or other WCPP materials. 

- Submit a request for an extension if your project will take longer than 9 months to complete. If additional time is needed to complete the project in the allotted time due to unforseen circumstances, you must submit an "Extension Request." To request an extension, please email Note: Our board reviews all requests for extensions and there may be times the board will not approve an extension. If an extension is denied, unused grant money must be returned. 

- Return any unused portion of grant money within 18 months of grant award. If for any reason you do not use all of the grant money originally requested, due to budget/estimate changes, please return the unused portion.

If the applying organization does not complete a Final Evaluation entirely and fulfill all Grant Agreement requirements named above, the recipient may be asked to return grant monies and will not receive future grant dollars until a complete evaluation is received. 

With this signature, the Recipient agrees to the terms of the grant agreement outlined above. I understand failure to meet the requirements of this agreement could disqualify the Recipient from receiving future Warren County Philanthropic Partnership grants. 
Signature of Organization Representative *