Grant Application

Before you begin, please be prepared to:
● Upload files for all supporting documents, such as letters of commitment. Have supporting documents scanned or prepared to upload.  
During the application process, you will be asked to:
Download documents, such as the the budget worksheet (required) or fiscal sponsor agreement (if needed), complete/fill in the worksheet or agreement, and upload the completed documents. 
A Save & Return Feature is available if you believe you'll need to return to your application later, to finish or upload documents. To use this feature, click on Create an Account or Login below to create an account (remember your username and password!) or to log in to an account used with previous applications.
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Is this organization a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization? *
Is this organization a 170b government agency? *
If the Applying Organization is not a 501(c)3 nor 170b, the Applying Organization must have a Fiscal Sponsor. A fiscal sponsor is an organization or party who receives the money on behalf of the grant applicant and who is responsible for disbursing the money for the project and maintaining appropriate documentation (receipts, etc.). The entity serving as the Fiscal Sponsor must be a section 501(c)(3) or section 170(b) unit of government.

When using a Fiscal Sponsor, the Fiscal Sponsor must complete our Fiscal Sponsor Agreement.
Click on the Fiscal Sponsor Agreement image below to download the agreement, then complete the agreement and upload below or email to
Download Fiscal Sponsor Agreement

Grant Type

What type of grant are you applying for? (Please select only one type per application) *

Project Type

What type of project are you applying for?  (Please select only one type.) *

Area of Focus

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About the Project

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Project Description and Need

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Project Budget & Budget Worksheet

Have other resources already been received or committed to the project? *
Complete the Budget Worksheet by clicking on the Budget Worksheet image below, filling in the Budget Worksheet and uploading the completed worksheet below. 
Download Budget Worksheet

If more space is needed, upload below.
ONLY upload documents to support the Budget Worksheet.
DO NOT include website/catalog pricing or images of what you plan to purchase with grant dollars or renderings, brochures or other documents about your project.
The project and what you plan to purchase with the grant dollars should be explained and supported in the Project Description, not through images, renderings, etc.

Complete & Sign

By providing your electroic signature below, the Applying Organization agrees:
We approve submission of this grant request and certify that the purpose of this request is charitable and that monies received from Warren County Philanthropic Partnership will be used solely for the project stated in the application. We understand, if awarded, the project must be complete within nine months of receiving funds.
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