Complete Client Information and Trip Request Form

About this form...
(please read one time) 
-Please complete one guest information form for up to 5 Travelers on the same booking.  If you have others traveling with you that you are not paying for or taking responsibility for, we will have them fill out their forms.  
-This form aims to get some basic important travel information and an idea of what you're considering now and in the near future for travel.  
-Look at each line item; it may have a * or a ?:
   A ? gives additional instructions about how to fill in that particular question.  For example,? gives the link to upload your passport lets you know that if you don't have one, to upload a copy of your Driver's license instead. A *     means the answer is required.  If a required answer does not apply to you, answer N/A or None.  
-When you get to the end of guest 1, you will answer yes to fill out guest 2 or no to jump to the next screen.  
-When you get to the questions about locations, let me know which ones you're considering for this trip and       others you're considering for other trips...
 You may skip Mexico, but there may be several islands you would like to visit in the Caribbean.   You may want Europe for the Summer of 23 and the Galapagos for November or December 24.
-It gives me an idea of what you're looking for, what to communicate with you, and what doesn't interest you.
-At the end of the form, you can request supplements.  Europe, Destination Wedding, Cruise, etc...if one applies to your current trip or one your currently thinking about, check the box.  You can copy and paste the link to take you directly to that next form, or we will send it to you.  
-Almost every question with multiple possible answers allows you to choose more than one!  
-If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  
In the future, you will not need to fill out these forms unless your information has changed or you take people with you I don't have information on.  
Please report any issues with this form by text to Michele at 813-230-1158 
Thank you.

Guest #1

Guest # 1 is the person filling out this form and is responsible for communicating the trip between the Travel Advisor and everyone else. Do you agree to be guest #1 and to communicate with everyone involved?
The information below is for guest # 1 on this booking.
Military, Firefighter, or Police Officer?
You agree to receive emails regarding your trip and future trips. *
Do you have a passport VALID for at least six months post-travel? *

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