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Accessible & Inclusive Classes:  Learn how to make your YMCA classes more inviting and hospitable to members with various challenges including physical and/or intellectual disabilities, chronic illness or injury, larger bodies, and other needs for adaptation from the typical participant. Led by Sarah Henderson, Yoga Teacher and Disabilities Services Professional, this course will empower you to welcome members of all abilities with more confidence, creativity and empathy. 2 hours
Average to Awesome: Take your Group Exercise instruction to the next level!  Learn tips to impact more lives and get more involvement in your classes.  You will learn effective strategies to aide your professional/personal development practice.  Take your practice from Average to Awesome! Led by  Stephanie Johnson, Beachbody Master Trainer receiving accolades as: "Rookie Master Trainer of the Year 2013" and “Master Trainer of the Quarter 2015”.  2 hours
Benefits of working out in Water:  Did you know that Water Fitness is one of the fastest growing trends? If anything is new, it's water. Aquatic resistance workouts are growing in popularity, probably due to the aging population of active baby boomers, because water is easier on the joints.  But did you know it also gaining appeal with fitness enthusiasts and elite athletes!  Water exercise classes are popping up on cruise ships, resorts, neighborhood pools, lakes, and commercial chains to keep up with this growing trend!  Find out just what’s so fantastic about water fitness! Led by Lisa Wooten, 25+ year water fitness instructor, AEA CEC provider and Y-USA Water Fitness Trainer. 3 hours
Breaking down the Squat: Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from  Board Certified Orthopedic Sports Doctors, Mike Masi and Chad Kuntz, as they will teach you how to assess and scrutinize the squat movement to improve results. This open discussion workshop will answer questions including... “Is Squatting bad for my knees?”, “Should I squat below parallel?”, “How can I work around pain?”, “How many reps/sets should I do?” Led by,  Rehabilitation Specialists and Sports Doctors, Mike MasI and Chad Kuntz. 3 hours
Fitness Class Design 101 - How to Create the BEST Fitness Class Ever! : Learn how to create fun and creative fitness classes that challenge and engage your students. Led by Roy [Sgt. Roy] Lewis, Master Fitness Instructor, this course will give you the tools to develop fitness programs that are professional and give you the opportunity to sharpen your presentation skills. 2 hours
Cycle 101: A great foundational course for all new cycle instructors or experienced instructors who need to shake things up a bit! You need to know why, why, why?!?  Why do we set up the bike the way we do, why do we run drills a certain length of time, why do we choose one song over another?  If you want to create raving fans you need to build your classes with technique, knowledge and talent!  Led by Mark Peterson, with over 40 years experience as a competitive cyclist and 20+ years as an indoor  cycling instructor. 4 hours
Cycle FTP, Watts & Weight:  Learn how to take your cycle classes past the basic watts comparisons.  This workshop will allow you to conduct an FTP test, calculate power zones, understand power-to-weight and then put these metrics to use so you can experience all 7 training zones!  Led by, Joe Fronsee, cycle instructor with 18 years experience who loves cycle and good music.  This workshop includes two 40 minute cycle workouts.  You will walk away with immediate, useful skills! 2 hours
Keiser Leaderboard & Apps:  Calling all cycling instructors!  Does the Leaderboard intimidate you?  Would you like to use the Leaderboard as an integral and exciting part of your cycling class?  Do you need some new drill ideas to help motivate all fitness levels and capture those who are outdoor cycling enthusiasts or just those who love to compete?  Then this workshop is for you!  Plus, we will also introduce the Keiser application to track individual fitness progress.  Led by Anne Marie Lax, Ironman competitor, USAT Triathlon coach, Y Xtreme team outdoor cycling team captain, and Michele Forrester-Morgan, Bachelor of Education, 35 years fitness experience, Virtual Cycle Specialist. 2 hours
Find Your Why- Learn how to make the most of your passions with the YMCA. Getting back to your “why” and pulling out what makes you excited about working with people to reach their health goals, this class will grant you an opportunity for reflection and give you tools for what is to come. Led by Lisa Riggsbee, Association Director of Community Health, this class will create a space of empowerment, confidence and connectivity to the YMCA community. 2 hours
Fundamental Barre:  Come learn how barre delivers body-changing results in a low-impact workout that can be applied to all fitness levels. Learn the foundational ballet technique of barre exercises, common terminology, and exercise sequencing to put together a balanced and challenging class. You'll walk away with knowledge of barre fundamentals and ways to create a comfortable and connected atmosphere so members feel empowered.  Led by Lauren Gutierrez, who is no stranger to the art of movement, Lauren brings nine years of dance experience that enhances her performance as a barre fitness instructor. 4 hours
Fundamental CardioFunk:  Cardio Funk is an instructed group exercise class that combines a variety of dance formats with your favorite radio hits that promises to burn big calories and break up the monotony of your typical workout routine. Using dynamic cardio moves (air squats, jumping jacks, quick feet, etc.) and easy to follow dance routines in conjunction with high energy music, this class provides a heart-pumping cardio workout with an element of funk that makes for a fun workout for all fitness levels.  Led by Renee Geiger, one of Charlottes top performing cardio-Dance instructors! 3 hours
Fundamental Kickbox:  Learn new ways to present a stellar Kickboxing class.  Workshop will focus on 4 different Kickboxing “styles”, discuss the differences between each, and incorporate proper form and technique training.  You will leave with a sample kickboxing class, ideas for different drills, and expertise to teach an authentic kickbox class.   Led by  Stephanie Johnson, Beachbody Master Trainer receiving accolades as: "Rookie Master Trainer of the Year 2013" and “Master Trainer of the Quarter 2015”.  3.5 hours
Foundations of Strength Training for Group Fitness: Led by Total Strength/Group Power and Yoga instructor Erica Catherman, this course will equipt you to develop and lead an effective YMCA Strength Training class for Group Fitness that increases student’s power, stability, and endurance. The course will cover proper form, posture, effective cueing, and the progression of each strength based movement essential to a strong class. You will learn various types of strength training moves and their benefits, concerns, and contraindications.  5 hours
Gentle/Senior Yoga: Yoga builds a strong body, mind and spirit. This standard yoga class, taught at a gentle level (appropriate for seniors), incorporates yoga postures, breathing exercises and a mind focus to improve balance and increase strength and flexibility. Restorative breathing exercises and final relaxation will promote stress reduction and mental clarity.  Led by, Christina Maniccia, E-RYT 500, YACEP.
Holistic Health and Wellness - 12 Steps to Vibrant Health: Assess 12 areas of your life for Vibrant Health - Feeling unfulfilled by exercise alone? This course will introduce the concept of Holistic Health as a whole approach for your mind, body and spirit. We'll assess the 12 areas in your life that interconnect and ultimately affect your health. Get ready to have some fun as we dive into what it really takes to feel your best! Led by Kris Barnhardt, RYT 500 Yoga Instructor, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Nutritionist, this course will inspire you to step into a whole new way of living. 2 hours
How to Coach Healthy Eating: Healthy eating is often coupled with fitness. As the world of technology grows, so does the information people have access to. So much information, that at times, it can become daunting and confusing. This course will help fitness professionals learn different methods on how to discuss and coach health eating for the overall population through interactive scenarios and activities. At the end of the course fitness professionals will be equip with a set of skills within their scope of practice that can help better serve their clients or group participants. Led by, Lisa Riggsbee, Assocation Director of Community Health - YMCA of Greater Charlotte. 2 hours
How to Facilitate Small Group Training:  Our members have a multitude of options when it comes to enhancing their health and wellness.  Their choice depends on how motivated they are, how much time they have to contribute, what level of accountability they need, level of competitiveness, introverted or extroverted personality and level of financial investment they would like to contribute into their pursuits.  Small Group Training is one of the best choices because it incorporates the best level of all areas of concern!  Led by, Amy Davidson, Assocaiton Director of Fitness Experience - YMCA of Greater Charlotte. 2 hours
Influencing Commitment 1.0: This course is designed to assist fitness professionals with tools needed to influence commitment for our members.  Through a variety of activities, participants will understand how to build a relationship, offer solutions, and gain commitment from our members with individualized fitness programs.  This course is delivered by Dave Reazin, trainer and golf fitness specialist, who will guide participants to utilize necessary tools to promote, engage, and solidify interactions between members and potential clients. 2.5 hours
Influencing Commitment 2.0: A follow up to the first version of Influencing Commitment, this course will offer an in depth approach for client tracking, communication, asking for renewals, and engaging member interaction.  Students will participate in activities to offer members a first-class experience as they embark upon their fitness journey.  This course is delivered by Dave Reazin, trainer and golf fitness specialist, who will guide participants to utilize necessary tools to promote, engage, and solidify interactions between members and potential clients. 3 hours
Injury Identification & Correction: Let’s have fun exploring body mechanics and areas our students are vulnerable to injury through lecture and “hands on” participation.  You will reinvigorate your current teaching by recognizing improper technique and how to safely adjust your clients so they will stay away from injury and stay in your classes.  Workshop led by Claudette Saia, Fitness Instructor at Dowd YMCA for 25 years and Registered Emergency Department Nurse at Atrium Health. 2 hours
The Art of Intelligent Sequencing: Creating a satisfying and safe sequence of yoga poses for our students is both an art and a science. Through intelligent sequencing, we can prepare our students to gain the full benefit of the yoga practice.  We will combine an understanding of the biomechanics and anatomical movements in the body to build from simple, foundational poses to more complex poses with intention, allowing students to open their bodies safely and effectively. Marcia Brown, E-RYT-500 and YACEP, known for teaching awareness of concepts that build sequences that flow logically and creatively.
The Introduction to the Sport of Olympic Weightlifting course should allow the participants to teach new athletes the correct movements as well as be able to correct major technique flaws. Within the course, participants will be given a chance to practice all the movements while receiving coaching as well as the chance to critique each other with supervision.  Led by, Tyree Harris, CrossFit, o United States Weightlifting and Sports Performance , Ranked Weightlifter. 3 hours
Introduction to Suspension Training: Develop an understanding of Suspension Training and how it can be used with all fitness levels. Led by Becky Roller, TRX Coach and Group Exercise Instructor, this course will give you a hands-on experience to help you provide clients/participants with bodyweight exercises that increase core stability, balance and strength. Looking forward to working with you all! 2 hours
LINK (Levels of Integrated Neuromuscular Kinematics):  All athletes run, cut, and jump. Why are some athletes susceptible to injuries more than others? Can you predict who is at risk for muscle strains?  Learn the LINK evaluation and assess who is at risk for a sprain or strain that would limit your client’s training. Led by Alan Tyson,  President - Architech Sports and Physical Therapy. 4 hours
Orthopedic Considerations:This course series  is designed to familiarize the personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and/or other health and fitness professionals, on common musculoskeletal conditions  and highlights exercise considerations for these specific conditions.  During this workshop, you will receive didactic and hands on education/instruction from highly credentialed Rehabilitation Specialists and Sports Doctors, Mike MasI and Chad Kuntz, on common Orthopedic conditions and corrective exercises. Learn how to handle when your client is dealing with pain!  Upper & Lower - 4 hours, Spine - 3 hours
Restorative Yoga - Stress, anxiety, depression, and sleep deprivation are at an all time high, and long term can increase your risk of developing chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.  A Restorative Yoga practice is designed to trigger the relaxation response of your nervous system where healing & repair occur, and energy & vitality is restored.  Learn the benefits of this practice, how it is different from other style of Yoga, such as Yin, setting up and sequencing a practice, even using minimal props, led by Michele Schmidt, Yoga Teacher and Yoga Personal Trainer - ERYT 500, YACEP, IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist. Yoga Alliance CEC’s will be provided.
The Secret of Express!: Express classes are growing in popularity due to their shorter timeframe but large impact.  Learn how to safely move your participants through a variety of exercise in a compact amount of time that will give you the absolutely most bang for your buck!  Led by Laurie Pace, Assocaiton Director of Group Exericse. 2 hours
Special Populations in the Water: This course will focus on an overview of the unique needs of working with students that may fall into the special population group and mainstreaming them into your regular scheduled fitness class to make sure each participant is motivated and challenged to their best ability.  Led by Patricia Waldron, content expert in the field of gerontology and associated specialty populations. 4 hours
True Core VS Superficial Core-It’s more than just abs! What does it truly mean to have core power? How do we effectively engage our core muscles? Come learn the ins and outs of our true core through a 3-dimensional approach as we learn our bodies are not separate muscles, tendons, and nervous system; Instead we are ONE muscle that needs to sequence and operate as a unit.   Led by QiQi Zhou Das, ERYT-500, YACEP,  well know for her sense of humor and precise alignment instructions. 2.5 hours
Water Bootcamp YXL: 2019 is the time to bring a new energy to Water Fitness! Empowering our participants to own their workout & challenge themselves in a team environment.
This workout will be all the buzz! Motivating existing fit members that want more and attracting a new participants that have never done water fitness before. Led by Pat Pruitt,  AEA professional provider.  3 hours
“What Were You Thinking?”: A Mindful Approach to Understanding Stress, Anxiety, and Depression in Teens:  Learn what makes the teenage brain so susceptible to stress, anxiety, and depression (SAD) and how the simple practices of breathing, mindfulness, and yoga can dramatically reduce SAD for both teenagers and the adults who live and work with them. Talk given by Shaileen Patton, Yoga Teacher and former attorney, who has a special interest in how the brain works and how stress and trauma affect our bodies and welfare. 2 hours
"What were you thinking?" Youth: How can we give our kids stress management “tools and techniques” that they can use to lower their stress, increase their attention and improve their overall wellbeing?  A Mindfulness Meditation practice is proving to be an accessible, successful and easy to implement methodology that children, as well as adults, can incorporate in their daily lives to help deal with the inevitable stressful moments that will occur in our lives. Led by Karen Hefron, ERYT  200, RYT 300, YACEP  with a specialty in mindfulness meditation for youth and adults. 2 hours
Working with Cancer Survivors:  This course will help you understand cancer treatment and recovery to have an increase ability to work with cancer survivors. It will go in depth about chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, side effects, Lymphedema, short term and long term needs.   Fitness professionals will take away an increased knowledge of needs of cancer survivors, appropriate exercises, considerations and modifications.  Led by Amy Buchanan, Regional Director of Community Health, Pioneer for StayStrong at the Y - YMCA of Greater Charlotte. 2.5 hours
You’re Certified!........So Now What?Explore how to create, grow and nurture a thriving class and your Group Exercise career at the YMCA.  Dig into your brand and signature style.  Learn unique ways to develop a following.   Led by Katrina Whelchel, E-RYT 500®, an experienced Yoga Teacher and successful business manager, this course will give you a solid foundation and savvy business advice to excel in your YMCA profession! 2 hours
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