Application for International and European Scholarships

Those wishing to apply for the Inn's International and European Scholarships must submit this form and ensure both references have been received by 12:00 on Monday 18 March 2024. We encourage you to apply early.
Interviews will take place on Thursday 2 and Friday 3 May 2024. We will inform you one week in advance if you have been selected for interview.
For full details of all the scholarships please visit our website or consult our Guidance for Euro Scholarship Applicants.
Please note that members of Gray's Inn, Inner Temple and Middle Temple are only eligible to apply for the EFTA Court Scholarship.

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Personal and Education Details

Personal and Contact Details

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Academic Details

Higher Education – Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Overseas Study (please include all qualifications)
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Employment and Work Experience

Please only set out details of any relevant work experience you have undertaken. This may include legal or non-legal employment, mini-pupillages, marshalling and other positions of responsibility such as student societies or voluntary work. You can include multiple experiences under one heading (e.g. mini pupillages) so long as you clearly state the dates for each of these. Please explain how the skills you acquired are relevant to your chosen career path and link back what you learned to your application.
 Job Details (Job title, dates, employer name)Responsibilities and achievements


Please provide details of your proficiency in languages other than English.
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Scholarships, Awards and Prizes

Scholarship/Award Application Details

Which scholarships/awards are you applying for?

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If you are applying for more than one please indicate your order of preference – i.e. select your first choice from the drop down, your second choice from the next drop down and so on. If you are applying for two scholarships only indicate a first and second choice, leaving the additional boxes blank. If you are applying for three scholarships a first, second and third choice leaving the additional boxes blank and so on.

Applicants to the Johan Steyn Scholarship to the ICC

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Applicants to the Peter Duffy Scholarship to the ECtHR

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Applicants to the Nicolas Bratza Scholarship to the ECtHR

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Applicants to the JP Warner Scholarship to the CJEU

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Applicants to the EFTA Court Scholarship

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Applicants to the Paul Heim Education Award

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All applicants

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All applicants must supply two references, at least one of which must be an academic reference. You must check that your referees are happy to provide a reference and that this will comment substantively on the qualities sought by the panel. It is your responsibility to ensure that your referees can meet these criteria, as references that only confirm dates of employment may be discounted. Please consult our Guidance for referees before submitting any references.
The panel are looking for evidence that the candidate can demonstrate the following criteria:
  • Commitment to the Bar
  • Motivation for the internship and its benefit for career progression
  • Intellectual ability
  • Inter-personal skills
  • Written and oral advocacy
  • Ability to be an excellent ambassador for the Inn
  • Integrity

References must be submitted by email to before the deadline. They can be sent by the referee or the applicant but they must be written on headed paper and signed by the referee. It is your responsibility to ensure we receive both references before the deadline. Late references will not be accepted, and your application will not be considered.

Each reference must be tailored to the 2024 application. We cannot accept references from previous years.