Milestone 2 Patient's Presenting Problems

Milestone 2~ Patient's Presenting Problems is used to identify specific areas of needs for your child. It is also used to complete your child's care plan and used at discharge to evaluate progress. 
Speech & Language
Please indicate if a problem is present (yes) or not (no). For problems marked, "yes," indicate if you want this problem addressed as high priority. *
 YesNoHigh Priority
1. Doesn’t babble
2. Doesn’t have 1-2 words
3. Doesn’t talk like other children (explain)
4. Had speech, but no longer talks: explain
5. Talks, but mostly just repeats what he/she hears (explain)
6. Abnormal use of pitch, intonation, rhythm or stress while speaking
7. Speech is abnormally loud or quiet
8. Difficulty whispering
9. Repeats last words or phrases several times.
10. Makes verbal sounds while listening (echolalia)
11. Often uses short, incomplete sentences
12. Pronouns are often inappropriately used
13. May have a very high vocabulary
14. Difficulty understanding directional terms (front, back, before, after)
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