Children's Formation and Youth Ministry Payment Form

Payment Amount / Cantidad a pagar
Current Total:
*** Please note:  There is a $3.00 surcharge fee when using Paypal.

Using a payment method over the phone requires the payee to accept the following conditions: 

  • A St. Timothy Catholic Church staff member will not complete any payment without verbal consent to proceed with the payment in the exact amount authorized by the payee.
  • The payee will provide his/her card information over the phone to complete the transaction.   
  • The payee will receive a confirmation email that the payment was made successfully. 
  • Payments go directly to St. Timothy Catholic Church Parish Paypal Account. 
  • No record of credit/debit card numbers will be retained for future use by St. Timothy Catholic Church.
  • Payments are never recurrent.  The payee must contact a St. Timothy staff member for each future payment and agree to the conditions outlined above for each payment.  
By my signature below, I agree with the statements above and give St. Timothy's permission to proceed with my payment via telephone. 
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