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Phone: 620-566-7323
Our office is located above Sunflower Bank in Ellinwood.
Mailing address is PO Box 342, Ellinwood, KS  67526.

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AthleteU (Speed and Agility Clinics)
Deadline: May 24th
Cost: $35
Grades: 3-6th
Times: 3-4th (9:30-10:00am)   5-6th (10:15-10:45am)
Dates: Tuesday & Thursday in June (3 Weeks)
Details: This weekly clinic will focus on speed, agility, and flexibility. We will cover running technique, how to sprint and to be quicker both laterally and horizontally. 
AthleteU (Movement Patterns)
Deadline: May 24th
Cost: $20
Grades: 5-6th 
Dates: Wednesday in June (3 Weeks)
Place: Weight Room
Details: This weekly class will focus on the basics of movements and lifts in the weight room. We will not be lifting heavy weights or focusing on gainins stregnth. We willbreak down techniques of the main lifs they will see in the weight room throughout the rest of there athletic careers. We will end each session with a workout.
Summer Camps
Football Camp (July 8th-10th) ($30/Kid)
Volleyball Camp (June 18th-20th) ($30/Kid)
Basketball Camp (June 24th-26th) ($30/Kid)
Baseball Camp (June 4th-6th) ($30/Kid)
Tennis Camp (July 29th- 31st)
More details on facebook.
Summer Youth Classes

Kids and Crafts (July 8th-11th)

Place: Grade School Cafeteria
Time: 3-6th Grade (8:45-10:00) K-2 (10:15-11:15)

Eagle Pride Cheer and Dance (July 15th-18th)
Place: Wellness Center Conference Room
Time: 3-6th Grade (8:45-10:00) K-2 (10:15-11:15)

Kids in the Kitchen (July 22nd-25th)
Place: Ellinwood High School FACTS room
Time: 3-6th Grade (8:45-10:00) K-2 (10:15-11:15)

Health and Movement (July 29th-Aug 1st)
Place: Old Gym
Time: 3-6th Grade (8:45-10:00) K-2 (10:15-11:15)

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I hereby give Ellinwood Recreation Commission permission to us my name/child’s name, my photography, and/or footage shot at recreational activities to be used in print advertising, broadcast advertising, and website advertising for the Ellinwood Recreation Commission. I waive rights to any and all payments concerning the use of my photographs and or audio video recordings.

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