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Client Consultation & Consent Form

Do you have any existing medical health conditions that we need to be aware of? *
Do you, to the best of your knowledge, have any allergies to the products below? *
I understand that ENVI Nails & Beauty have the right to refuse any treatment at any given time. *
ENVI Nails & Beauty will not be responsible for any lost or damaged belongings within the salon. *
I understand that ENVI Nails & Beauty guarantees repair for Gel polish and nail extensions within 7 days and normal polish within 3 days, any repairs after this time a charge will be applicable. We kindly ask for you provide a photo of the damage as soon as possible. *
I understand that it is possible and normal to shed a small amount of eyelash extensions after my initial eyelash appointment. If an excessive amount of eyelash extensions sheds, ENVI will guarantee you up to 4 days, any infill after this time the appropriate charge will be applicable. We kindly ask you send us a photo as soon as possible. *
In order for ENVI Nails & Beauty to operate safely and efficiently I understand that ENVI operates on a strict 10 minute lateness policy, whereby we can not guaranty your appointment or your treatment may be cut short. *
If I am unable to attend my appointment I will give ENVI Nails & Beauty 48 hours notice of cancellation. In the case where no notice is given ENVI has the right to mark me down as a "No Show". If this occurs 3 times I will be automatically blocked from making future online appointments and will have to make bookings via calling the salon and paying a £20 deposit fee which will be deducted from my final bill at my next appointment. If I miss my appointment without giving notice the deposit is non-transferable and non refundable. *
As per usual we ENVI Nails & Beauty will continue to keep a high hygiene standard within the salon. ENVI will not be held responsible to any after effects, allergic reactions or possible infections after the treatment. I understand that if I have any concerns I will contact management immediately on info@envinailsandbeauty.co.uk. *
At ENVI Nails & Beauty we pride ourselves in keeping clients safe and for clients leave the salon satisfied with the service and treatment we have provided. If you have any concerns we strongly advise to let your Technician/Beauty Therapist know so they can ensure you are satisfied with your treatment/service. ENVI Nails & Beauty does not offer refunds. *
In the absolute rare occasion you are not happy with your treatment/service, you will contact management or a member of our team. We will do our best to rectify any problems. You will not post a negative review online or social media before expressing any issues or concerns with a member of our team. *
I have read, understood and completed this questionnaire truthfully. I agree that this constitutes full disclosure and that it supersedes any previous verbal or written disclosures. I agree that this form will be applicable to all future appointments at ENVI Nails & Beauty. I understand that this document is to provide the best possible guest experience when visiting ENVI Nails & Beauty. *
Signature: *
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