Unfortunately, Inhouse school records date back to birth year 1972. If you were born in / or before 1971 you will need to contact our District Record Management Dept. @ 305-995-3289 to complete your request.

STOP Here if you were born in or before 1971….
All Transcript Requests:  Requestor must include a copy of a valid photo I.D. for processing (please upload) If you are requesting a Hard Copy you will first need to send a $5.00 money order to 13110 NE 8 th  Ave North Miami Fl. 33161 Attention: School Treasurer. $5.00 Per Transcript

Grade *
Email copy Free (Keep in mind that is way is not Official)
Your Email Confirmation will be sent within 2-5 hours of request excluding weekends and Holidays. Please allow 24 hours for Transcript Requests to be processed your request.
$5.00 Per Transcript. Send money order to 13110 NE 8th Ave North Miami Fl. 33161  -  Attention: School Treasurer.
Once we receive fee, we will process the request.
Official Transcript ( Hard Copies ) *
Official Unofficial Transcript ( 1 Open Copy Only ) *

Please Note: Please note that if you’re applying to schools through the Common App, the Coalition App, or SendEdu, Ms. Bernadette McArthur is directed to upload your transcripts online once you add Ms. Bernadette McArthur as the Registrar. You WILL NOT send in any transcript hard copies to any schools listed through these applications.

ONLY Select schools you are applying to. Schools selected will receive an electronic transcript usually within 72 hours after submission.

If you do not see your school of choice, please request an Official Hard Copy for pick up.

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