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Proper Use of Uniform (Polo or T-Shirt) and Identification

Uniforms have been an international tradition of all branches of Chaplains and the Share Your Heart Volunteer Chaplain Program requires the wearing of uniforms but only on approved SYH official business such as deployment and/or in an act of a disaster. Keep in mind that the SYH shirt bears the official badge of the Department of Children and Families authorizing those who wear it to go about the state’s business. A Chaplain NOT in uniform on official SYH business must wear the Volunteer Chaplain ID where it may be seen. In both cases you must abide by the DCF rules and keep your chaplaincy status renewed including a current background check and renewed I.D. If you no longer wish to remain active as an official SYH Chaplain and as a representative of DCF, it is mandatory that you return your shirt. 

Wearing the uniform of a Chaplain automatically gains respect from others and from you, the Chaplain. The uniform we wear represents, in addition to DCF, God, our Children, our Families, the Share Your Heart Program, Victory for Youth, YOUR Church, the people you have sworn to serve and yourself.. Therefore the uniform of the SYHVCP shall never be worn in a manner or place that would bring disgrace or controversy. If you have a question about a situation being acceptable, then do not wear it.

As a Chaplain always remember that you have sworn an oath to all faiths and not all faiths share the same ideas and or rituals. We are all about our Father’s business, not ours. Bless you.

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Thank you for your willingness to Share Your Heart! 

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