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Crime, Accident or Incident Report


Clearance Letter

A clearance letter is a statement from the Ripon Police Department that this agency holds no negative records pertaining to you. If you have a record, the request will be denied.  You must present valid Government-Issued identification prior to the release of a clearance letter.

Local Criminal History Review

Review and release of Local CORI information is governed by California Penal Code ยง 13321-13325. Pursuant to those sections, this report will be made available for inspection only; no copy of this record will be provided. This agency will require proof of identification in the form of a Government-issued Identification Card, or a United States Passport. The subject of this request will be required to appear in person, bearing their identification. Upon verification of identification, the following information is needed to provide requested record(s).

Statistical Report



You will be notified when your requested documents are ready to be picked up.  Records not picked up after 30-days will be destroyed, and must be re-requested.