Certificate II in Drainage


The CPC20712 Certificate II in Drainage qualification consists of 22 units of competency comprising 18 core units (mandatory) and 4 elective units.

The following list includes all 18 core units and 10 electives (remember, you only require 4 electives units) that an RPL assessment will cover. Please identify if you have performed the different activities listed.


Have you undertaken the following on multiple occasions:

Carry out interactive workplace communication - CPCPCM2039A
Read plans and calculate plumbing quantities - CPCPCM2040A
Work effectively in the plumbing and services sector - CPCPCM2041A
Carry out WHS requirements - CPCPCM2043A
Handle and store plumbing materials - CPCPCM2045A
Use plumbing hand and power tools - CPCPCM2046A
Carry out levelling - CPCPCM2047A
Carry out simple concreting and rendering - CPCPCM2054A
Locate and clear blockages - CPCPDR2021A
Install domestic treatment plants - CPCPDR2022A
Install stormwater and sub-soil drainage systems - CPCPDR2024A
Drain work site - CPCPDR2025A
Install prefabricated inspection openings and enclosures - CPCPDR2026A
Plan layout of a residential external sanitary drainage system - CPCPDR3021A
Install below ground sanitary drainage systems - CPCPDR3022A
Install on-site disposal systems - CPCPDR3023A
Provide basic emergency life support - HLTFA211A
Install trench support - RIICCM210A