Congregation Am Chai - 2018 Annual Meeting Ballot

Each dues paying member is entitled to a vote. If you can't attend the
Congregation's Annual Meeting on 5/6/18, please complete this form to vote
your ballot for the officers and budget. The budget is being sent to members via email.
To vote, type the word Yes or No in the boxes provided for each office being filled.
If you wish to vote for a write-in candidate, enter the position (office), and the person's name in the appropriate boxes at the end of the list. Please do NOT vote for both a nominated officer and a write-in for the same office.

Must be present to actively participate in the discussion of the Rabbi contract
or closing of the synagogue. You may call/email Cindy Placko with your feedback before the meeting.

When done, click the SEND button at the bottom of the page.

Election of Officers

(Type the word Yes or No in each box below)
                     Office                                  Nominee                         Your Vote


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Revised 4/5/2018