Thank you for applying to the McKee Wellness Foundation's Blue Star Fund. The following are the grant guidelines and distribution qualifications for awardees.

Guidelines for Blue Star Funds: Below are the guidelines for use of Blue Star Funds to assist veterans and families with health and wellness needs. McKee Wellness Foundation is pleased to extend these offerings, through the generosity of the community and support of our grant partners, to all of the veterans and families in Northern Colorado.

Blue Star Funds 2022 Fund Release:

Budget period: Calendar year, January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022.

For the initial funding year of 2022, we anticipate awarding grants ranging between $1,000-$15,000, depending on the program.

Funds administered by the grant partner, using appropriate policies and procedures for accounting and audit for grant funds.

Quarterly reports from the grantee are required to aid in the distribution of funds and to identify current and future community needs.

Veteran Eligibility:

Veteran must have a valid Form DD214 indicating they were honorably discharged.


Military members who are currently serving.


Veterans (or families) must fall at or below current 400% of the federal poverty level. Upon recommendation by the grant partner director, on a case by case basis the McKee Wellness Foundation Executive Director may approve the use of funds for veterans who do not meet the federal poverty level requirement.

Financial Verification for individual grants per the process outlined by the grant program manager; recommend        most recent tax return, two most recent pay stubs, housing or services application.

All eligible veterans may apply for grants (once per twelve-month period).  All grant applications are managed and reviewed through the grant program recipient.

Individual emergency distribution of grants shall not exceed $1,000 per 12-month period.

Grant Uses (including, but not limited to:)


  • Medical co-pays; prescriptions and insurance premiums
  • Holistic pain management
  • Dental care
  • Non-covered health expenses: massage, acupuncture, etc.
  • Mental health visits


  • Household: rent, mortgage, car payments, utilities and telephone expenses
  • Access to care: such as gas/transportation, day care, respite care
  • Research: to reduce barriers for participation in research
  • Personal wellness: haircuts, clothing, fitness support
  • Education: certificates, trainings, class work, books

Documents to be returned to McKee Wellness Foundation:

  1. Acceptance agreement for the grant (must be completed prior to grant distribution)
  2. Grant quarterly reports 
  3. Annual report
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