Do you wish to remain anonymous ?
(If you select yes we will not release your name) *
Would you like to receive a portion of any reward
a bounty hunter may collect on this fugitive ? *

DISCLOSURE: If the fugitive you are providing information on is deemed to be an active fugitive with a duly payable reward, the information you provided will be forwarded to one of our members in the region where the fugitive is believed to be. 
In the event that your information constitutes substantial assistance and our member collects a reward you will be eligible for up to 25% of the total reward i.e. $1,250,000.00 on a $5,000,000.00 reward. Responding to inquiries from the bounty hunter and keeping in regular contact with any updates during the course of the investigation is the best way to demonstrate substantial assistance to receive a maximum portion of any reward. 
NOTE: If you opted to remain confidential we will not release your contact information to anyone other than the bounty hunter working the case unless we receive your permission or a subpoena from a bona fide court of law. However, in the event that you collect a portion of the reward the bounty hunter making that payment may need to share your contact information with the tax authority in their contry of residence for the purpose of deducting that expense from their taxable income.