Bookstore Voucher Request

I would like to request Bookstore Voucher for use at the Barnes and Noble online bookstore.  I understand that this voucher will be charged to my student account and any unused portion will be credited to my account upon the expiration of the voucher.
Fall 2024 vouchers will expire on Friday August 30th, 2024.
* Student numbers must be 7 digits. If you only have 5 digits on your student ID add enough zeros at the beginning to make the ID 7 digits. Ex. 12345 is 0012345. 
**You will receive an email at your Mount Marty email address with your voucher ID within 7 business days of submitting your request.
Vouchers are available in the amount of $750.
My Title IV funds (Stafford Loan, Plus Loan, Nursing Loan, Pell, etc.) that I receive will be first applied towards my tuition, fees, and room and board. If I should have any Title IV funds left over, I authorize Mount Marty University to apply additional funds to any non-institutional costs (books, finance charges, etc.) that I may have on my student account. At any time this agreement may be voided by written notification to the Business Office *

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