NGP Pass-Through Services (PTS) Request Form

Please use this form to submit a request for a PTS order. Please fill out a separate form for each order/vendor.
If you have any questions while filling out this form, please contact us at 405.420.0577 (ext. 402) or
Depending on the circumstances, it can take several business days to fully process a PTS order, so please give us as much advance notice as possible. NGP must receive full payment in advance for each PTS order before we can finalize the order with the Sub-Vendor and/or submit payment to the Sub-Vendor. Most forms of payment clear overnight if received by 2pm CST.
Each individual PTS order/request must have a total cost of at least $500 (before taxes and fees) in order to be eligible for NGP’s Pass-Through Services.
Before we can process a PTS Request Form, we must have all necessary account paperwork on file for the applicable company/project (including CC Auth/Scan, Photo ID, COI, & PTS Agreement), as well as a special deposit account set up. Contact NGP for details.
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