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  1. Completely fill out all required fields on this form, including detailed list of what you plan to sell.
  2. Online applications are payable by credit card only. A $200 deposit per show will be processed only when accepted. Once contracted for space, deposits are non-refundable.
  3. Upload your supporting materials -  Product Photos, Booth Display Photo, Studio/Workshop Photo, Biography, Craft/Art Statement and Statement of Production Process.
  4. Please familarize yourself with our Exclusivity Clauses.
  5. A copy of the completed Application Form you have submitted will be sent to the email address you have entered. Please retain for your records.

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Exclusivity Clauses
Signatures shows are extensively promoted and advertised as unique and exclusive events featuring Canadian handmade products. We embrace artisans who understand and believe in our philosophy of protecting the exclusive nature of the show(s). Upon acceptance your contract will contain the following exclusivity clause(s). and you must agree to and abide by these.
Site/Facility Exclusivity (Applies to all shows)
This clause restricts accepted exhibitors from participating inor having their products available at any craft, handmade or similar type show or any handmade feature areas of other types of shows that are larger than 70 exhibitors (excluding shows produced by Signatures, farmers markets or community sponsored events), in the same location, exhibit facility and/or exhibit grounds/park, 30 days before or during the dates of the show.
Butterdome Spring Craft Sale Exclusivity
This clause restricts Butterdome exhibitors from participating in, or having their products available at any craft, handmade or similar type show or any handmade feature areas of other types of shows that are larger than 70 exhibitors (excluding shows produced by Signatures, farmers markets or community sponsored events), within a 50 kilometre radius of the Butterdome, 45 days before or during the dates of the show.  
I have read, understand and agree with all applicable Exclusivity Clauses as outlined above. *

Butterdome Spring - Edmonton, AB | April 30 to May 2, 2021 | Friday to Sunday

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Beaches Arts & Crafts | Toronto, ON - September 25 - 26, 2021 | Saturday to Sunday

Are You Applying to Beaches in Toronto, ON? *

Signatures Originals Spring, Ottawa, ON | June 24 - 27, 2021 | Thursday to Sunday

Are You Applying to Originals Spring in Ottawa, ON? *

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How to prepare your images and documents
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Please upload your images (maximum 5mb each) and supporting materials  including:
  1. A minimum of five clear, high resolution, close up images of the work you would like to sell at the show(s).
  2. A clear image of a recent booth display or detailed diagram of your display.
  3. An image of you working in your studio.
  4. A biography detailing your background, design training and show experience.
  5. A Craft/Art Statement on your work: what inspired you to create it, how long you have been doing it, how many people assist you and their roles in the production and your products’ price ranges.
  6. Please include a brief description of how your products are produced. What are the major steps in producing the products you plan on selling at the shows? What techniques are used? Where are the raw materials sourced from? This allows us to properly verify that your work is handmade by you.

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Conditions of Application
If your application is accepted and a contract(s) is/are issued and you withdraw, cancel or refuse the participation(s), the $200 deposit per show is non-refundable.
All withdrawals, cancellations or refusals must be emailed to applications@signatures.ca. Please indicate your name and company name in the subject line.

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