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Michigan Department of Education 2024-2025 Application for Reduction of Hours/Days Waiver for Alternative Programs

Applications that do not fully consider all rubric items will require modifications.


The State School Aid Act, Section 101(9) [MCL 388.1701] states: Upon application by the district for a particular fiscal year, the superintendent shall waive for a district the minimum number of hours and days of pupil instruction requirement of subsection (3) for a department-approved alternative education program or another innovative program approved by the department, including a 4-day school week. If a district applies for and receives a waiver under this subsection and complies with the terms of the waiver, the district is not subject to forfeiture under this section for the specific program covered by the waiver. If the district does not comply with the terms of the waiver, the amount of the forfeiture shall be calculated based upon a comparison of the number of hours and days of pupil instruction actually provided to the minimum number of hours and days of pupil instruction required under subsection (3).

If you are unsure of your 5-digit district or building code, please check in the Education Entity Master (EEM).  Applications with incorrect or incomplete codes may be returned for modifications.  If the application is approved, an approval will be e-mailed to the contact person and the lead administrator in the EEM in approximately 2-3 weeks.  Processing may take longer during times when a high volume of applications are received.

Questions regarding this form should be directed to Steve Nemeckay.  Applications for this waiver are due by Friday, June 14, 2024.

Upon submission of this form, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the contact e-mail below.

Contact Information

District/Program Information

Check the box that applies to your program. *
Does your program receive Title I D funding? *
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Reduction of Hours and/or Days Request

The hours and days requested needs to match the actual instructional time offered to all students.
Professional development time may not be included in your request.
A program granted a waiver may not use additional virtual days, provided under MCL 388.1621f, for student testing days or professional development.

What are you currently doing?

Provide data in the following areas for the previous three years:

Percent Proficient or Advanced (State testing). N/A is not acceptable for 2022 and 2023 testing. This data is available in the Proficiency report of MiSchool Data or in the Demographic Report in the Dynamic Score Reporting Site, which is accessed through the OEAA Secure Site. *
Graduation Rate *
4 year
5 year
6 year
Attendance Rate *

Provide data on the following:

Percent Chronically Absent *

Additional Request for 50% Attendance Waiver Flexibility

The State School Aid Act, Section 101(3)(h) [MCL 388.1701]: At the request of a district that operates a department-approved alternative education program and that does not provide instruction for pupils in all of grades K to 12, the superintendent may grant a waiver from the requirements of subdivision (e). The waiver shall indicate that an eligible district is subject to the proration provisions of subdivision (e) only if the district does not have at least 50% of the district's membership in attendance on any day of pupil instruction. In order to be eligible for this waiver, a district must maintain records to substantiate its compliance with the following requirements:

  • The district offers the minimum hours of pupil instruction as required under this section.
  • For each enrolled pupil, the district uses appropriate academic assessments to develop an individual education plan that leads to a high school diploma.
  • The district tests each pupil to determine academic progress at regular intervals and records the results of those tests in that pupil's individual education plan.
  • The 50% waiver is only available to districts not operating full K-12 programming.
Does the district wish to apply for the 50% attendance waiver? *

2024-2025 School Calendar

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Assurance and Certification

By completing this application and participating in the Waiver of Minimum Number of Hours and Days of Pupil Instruction for Alternative Education Programs, you agree to participate in follow-up reporting requirements.  The report will be posted on the MDE Alternative Education website in the spring of 2024.

It is assured that the Alternative Education Program or other innovative program approved by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) will operate for at least the amount of hours and/or days requested above.

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