2017 Saskatoon Farm Catalouge! 
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Saskatoon Seedlings

Northline Seedlings
Smokey Seedlings
Honeywood Seedlings
Thiessen Seedlings

2 Year Old Saskatoons

Northline 2 Yr Old
Smokey 2 Yr Old

Evergreen Seedlings

Ponderosa Pine Seedlings
Mugo Pine Seedlings
Colorado Spruce Seedlings
White Spruce Seedlings
Larch Seedlings
Douglas Fir Seedlings


Red German Wine Rhubarb
Ornamental Rhubarb


Big Balls Black Currant 

Prairie Cherries

Carmine Jewel Cherry


Wyoming Black Raspberry

Assorted Fruit Trees & Plants

Siberian Crabapple
Canada Red Chokecherry
Canada Plum

Assorted Vegetable Plants

Walking Onion

Ornamental Trees

Ohio Buckeye Chestnut 
Swedish Aspen

Ornamental Trees $10 each or any 3 for $25 (3+ $8.33 each.) (Not applied at checkout)

Trembling Aspen 
Common Lilac 
Late Lilac 
Siberian Pear 

Shelter Belt Program

Okanese Poplar
Prairie Sky Poplar
Sundancer Poplar
Heritage Willow
Amur Maple
Buffalo Berry
Chokecherry (Mixed)
Sour Cherry (from seed)

Starter Fertilizer

Starter Fertilizer

Saskatoon Farm Extravaganza!


Seabuckthorn Products. Available Year Round

Sea Buckthorn Skin Cream
Sea Buckthorn Oil

Insurance & Packaging: $6.95

Western Canada 14%
Eastern Canada  20%

GST: 0.05%

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Thank you for your order. We will contact you in the next 5 business days to confirm your order and to take payment.