System Provider accreditation application form
The application form captures information required by RateSetter to assess a business's eligibility to be accredited as a System Provider for the South Australia Home Battery Scheme. All information captured is held subject to RateSetter's Privacy Policy:
1. Consumer protections
The business must:

2. Competency

The business must only utilise employees or contractors for the installation of battery systems who are CEC Accredited Installers (grid-connected design and install) with a  Battery Storage (for Grid-connected systems) endorsement.
The business must only install eligible systems that have been approved in accordance with the Eligible System criteria. Approval as a System Provider will be subject to the condition that the business only installs eligible systems that are specifically linked to the business's System Provider approval. You can apply to have new systems added to a System Provider approval here.
3. Safety
The business must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, standards and codes relating to work health and safety.
4. Reputation

The business and any person employed or otherwise engaged by the business must not be subject to any current dispute or complaint to the Office of the Technical Regulator or South Australian Consumer and Business Services (or any equivalent office in any other State or Territory) which, in RateSetter's judgment, reflects poorly on the management and operations of the business.

Further, the business must not be subject to any:

  • Material current or anticipated legal proceedings;
  • Current or anticipated disputes or complaints with customers, where the dispute or complaint relates to the quality of the products or services provided by the business;
  • Customer, contractor or supplier complaint allegation regarding a misrepresentation, breach of supply agreement, failure of consideration, failure to comply with a guarantee or breach of a warranty;

Which, in RateSetter's judgment, reflects negatively on the management and operations of the business.

Online reviews of the business and any media reports (where applicable) must show satisfactory levels of customer service of the business and any previous businesses operated or directed by the business's key officers and directors.

5. Financial standing

The business, directors and key senior management, must be solvent and in good financial standing. The business must also hold adequate public and professional liability insurances.

6. South Australian presence

The System Provider must have a physical presence in South Australia and must provide a declaration of the number of South Australian resident employees in the business of the System Provider.
Must be registered with the Office of the Industry Advocate (SA). 

This application form will take approximately 60 minutes to complete. After submission, a RateSetter representative will contact you to progress the application.