2023-2024 Registration Form

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MAD Club
is open to girls in grades 6-8
and operates
Monday-Thursday 2:45-5:30
400 E. Third St.
in the MAD Club building across the parking lot from
Elk Rapids Bible Church
(the church behind of the high school soccer field)
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Studies show healthy recreational options and encouraging homework settings improve school performance, behavior and relational skills. We have worked with local mental health and counseling professionals to develop a simple before-and-after questionnaire to measure changes in those areas for MAD Club participants.  We would iike to gather "before-and-after" input from participants and parents. The information collected and the results will be completely anonymous.  
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Right Tree programs have always been available on a donation basis.  MAD Club is the same.
IF you have the ability to contribute, it is appreciated.  
IF you have the ability to sponsor additional participants, it is REALLY, REALLY appreciated.
But what is the most appreciated is having your daughter attend, regardless of your ability to pay.
The program costs us $6.25 per day ($25/week; $100/month) to operate, per person.  Please let us know below if you can help cover those costs and how you would like to pay.
This information is strictly confidential
I can contribute $6.25 /day ($25/week; $100/month) for my daughter's participation. *
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I recognize that certain hazards and dangers are inherent with Right Tree [the parent organization of MAD Club] activities and programs and particularly, but not limited to recreational activities and competitions, the use of recreational equipment, hand and power tools, and being transported by Right Tree staff and volunteers in corporate or personal vehicles.  I acknowledge that although Right Tree has taken safety measures to minimize the risk to injury to participants, Right Tree cannot ensure nor guarantee that the equipment, premises, and/or activites will be free from hazards, accidents, and/or injuries.  I further recognize the importance of the above named minor child knowing and abiding by the program's rules, regulations, and procedures for the safety of activity participants.  I recognize any child may be asked to leave the program at the discretion of the program staff.  In consideration of Right Tree, accepting and permitting the above named minor child to attend this program and participate in activities, I agree that Right Tree, a non-profit corporation, its agents, officers, employees, trustees and volunteers wil not be liable for any injury, death, damage and/or loss to me, the above named minor child, and/or anyone claiming on my or my child's behalf, and I will further agree to hold harmless, indemnify and defend Right Tree, its officers, agents, employees, trustees and volunteers for and from any and all damage during the time the above named minor child is a participant.  I certify that any and all photography, videotape and digital images of the above named minor child participating in Right Tree programs are the sole property of Right Tree and give permission for them to be used, without compensation, at the sole discretion of Right Tree.  By signing below I certify I am the parent or legal guardian named above for the minor child named above and I give my permission for said child to participate in Right Tree programs.  I also certify I am under no mental or legal disability, which would prevent me from signing and executing this agreement.  I further represent that I have read (or have had read to me) and understand the terms of this agreement.
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Right Tree is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code
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