Each show participant must submit a contract.

There are no mandatory show fees for participants.

Each student will receive a show T-shirt and poster as part of the show.


Student Information

Parent/Adult Primary Contact

We do not have parent volunteer opportunities at this time. We will communicate with parents through emails and the Website. 

Parent/Adult Secondary Contact


    • Cast member is responsible for their own internet connection/equipment. 
    • Cast member is expected to be at all virtual practices on-time and stay until the virtual practice is completed. 
    • In the event of lateness, early dismissal, or absence from virtual practice, cast member is to inform the Drama Director in advance in writing as soon as possible. 
    • In the event of repeated absence, a cast member may be replaced. AACPS attendance rules state that a cast member must be present full day in virtual school to come to a practice and performance, no late arrival or early dismissals unless there is a doctor’s note or school-sponsored field trip/activity (attendance will be verified for excused absence).  If Dr’s note, cast member must be cleared to practice or perform.  In the event of illness/injury, cast member must contact the Drama Director immediately and provide update. 
    • Cast member MUST remain socially distant from other cast members and may NOT practice with other cast members and Drama staff unless AACPS health/safety guidelines change.  Updates will be provided to cast members by Drama Director.
    • Cast member is responsible for their own costume and makeup/hair but will receive direction from the Drama staff.  Cast members is to dress appropriately for practices. 
    • Cast member is to comply with all AACPS Code of Conduct policies concerning the use of alcohol and drugs and are subject to AACPS discipline consequences for failure to adhere to AACPS policy. 
    • Cast member is to follow direction from the Drama Director, student leaders, and adult volunteers.
    • Cast member must maintain a positive attitude and report to the Drama Director or student leaders if there is a problem, issue, question, or concern. 
    • Cast member will receive a FREE t-shirt.  There will be a charge for an option DVD of the show.
    • Cast member is expected to maintain a 2.0 GPA during the virtual play season. 
    • Failure to adhere to any portion of this contract could result in dismissal from the virtual play.

I have read the contract and agree to abide by all the Drama rules, policies, standards, and expectations. *
I understand my child's commitment to this show and their obligation to abide by the policies as noted above. *
I give permission for Falcon Drama Boosters and Severna Park Stage Company to use photographs/images/videos of my child(ren) on the website and elsewhere to promote events. *
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Parent Signature *
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For complete show details, visit www.sphsdrama.com