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You can access a printer-friendly version of your full credit reports from your credit report pages.
1. Open the Credit Report you’d like to print
2. You can toggle back and forth between Credit Factors and Credit Report, so make sure you’re looking under your Credit Report under the credit bureau you’d like to print: TransUnion credit report 
3. Select the blue Print Report button under the Credit Report A printable version of your credit report will open in a new browser tab Select Print this Page This should open your printer options and allow you to print or save a copy of your report.
4. Select Print
5. Select SAVE as a PDF 🛈
By your signature below, you AGREE to allow us to do a few things. One, contact the credit bureaus on your behalf for the purpose of restoring your credit. Two, add or subtract the needed trade-lines to bring your credit profile up to our funding level. Three, obtain recourse and non-recourse funding on your behalf and to represent you concerning lenders and grant providers. *
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