Valentine's Day Market Vendor Application Form

Please complete all fields of this application. If approved for the Jackson Square Mall Holiday Market, you will be emailed an invoice. Your space is not secured until you invoice has been paid in full. Please note, we will not hold any spaces or accept partial payments. 
Market Times:
Saturday, February 12th 10am - 6pm
Address: Jackson Square Mall
112 E Burlington Ave
La Grange, IL 60525
Our Valentine's day pop is focused on hand made artisinal and unique home decor. 
Indoor booth space price range: $125-$250 with sizing options from 8ft tables to multiple 10x5's.
Please review the Jackson Square Valentine's Day Market agreement at the bottom of this page. Do you accept the contract agreement? (If you do not accept, we cannot approve your application). 
Pop up dealers handle and collect their own payments. Please confirm you agree. If payment handling is required, please email us at to make arrangements. *

We do not charge an initial application fee.  Each vendor will be evaluated based on quality, authenticity, originality, marketability and overall balance of other artisans accepted within your category.  

Spaces are only guaranteed once payment is received. We accept vendors on a rolling basis. Each category has a limited number of vendor spots. 

Until you have received confirmation from DTLG Retail LLC dba Jackson Square Mall that your application has been accepted, this is not considered a binding contract. NO REFUNDS!

Thank you for applying to be a vendor in our 2022 Valentine's Day Market. We will email you upon acceptance of your application

This agreement is to verify your participation in the Jackson Square Mall Valentine's Day Market on Saturday, February 12, 2022. Jackson Square Mall located at 112 E Burlington Ave, La Grange, IL 60525.

Each vendor must bring own tables, displays, etc. We encourage vendors to be as unique as you please with your display, however, music is prohibited.

DTLG Retail, LLC is not liable or responsible for any accidents or incidents that occur while vendors, volunteers or patrons are on our property. In addition, DTLG Retail, LLC assumes no liability or responsibility for any effects small business vendor products may have on patrons. Each vendor holds responsibility and liability for their own products and product effects.

Vendors may have access to event space beginning 8am. The event begins at 10am on Saturday. Vendors have until 6:30 pm for break down on Saturday and 6pm on Sunday. Participation in the Jackson Square Holiday Market  is voluntary and vendors reserve all rights to their products and services as well as payment received for these products and services.

Vendors must pay the registration fee before vending space is reserved. Vendor location is chosen on a first come first serve basis. There are no bad spaces. Show management pre selects vendor space for each small business based on your products, however, vendors reserve the right to request a different space, although it is not guaranteed.

Payment shall be made directly with cash, checke or with any major credit card. Money Orders are also accepted please contact event coordinator with payment questions.

Registration fees are non-refundable. In the event of a proven accident, riot, strike, epidemic, an act of God or any other legitimate condition or occurrence beyond their respective control, the Jackson Square Holiday  Market will be rescheduled for a date to be determined. In the event this event is canceled by DTLG Retail LLC, this contract is null and void and vendors will receive a full refund.

Small business vendors are entitled to use the name, likenesses, and other promotional materials provided for the Jackson Square Holiday Market. As a registered vendor you are welcome to submit a promotional item, i.e., coupon, business card, flyer etc., to be included in our complimentary registration bags given to all attendees. Your acceptance of these terms verifies your consent to these terms.

  1. A $50.00 fee will be assessed on any returned funds.
  2. All categories shall be reviewed prior to acceptance. Any media NOT approved may be removed at the discretion of the DTLG Retail LLC dba Jackson Square Mall.
  3. Vendors are expected to provide their own proof of insurance. Food vendors are to follow Health Department rules & regulations. No alcohol may be sold or provided by vendors.
  4. Booths must be open and staffed during all exhibiting hours.
  5. Vendors are NOT allowed to bring their pets.
  6. All vendors are responsible for keeping their area clean during market hours, including final clean up at the end of the market day. All displays should be neat, clean and tables should be covered on all sides.
  7. State sales tax for the day must be paid according to the Illinois Department of Revenue collection agent’s guide sheet. LaGrange, Illinois tax is 10%
  8. DTLG Retail LLC dba Jackson Square Mall will not be liable for refunds or any other liabilities whatsoever for the failure to fulfill this contract due to the reasons of the location in which the market is held before, or during the market destroyed by fire or other calamity, or by any act of God, public enemy, strikes, statues, ordinances, or any legal authority, or any cause beyond its control.
  9. Vendors shall be liable for delivery, handling, erection and removal of their displays and materials
  10. Vendors found in violation of any of the items in this contract may be excluded and have their exhibits removed from the current and/or future markets at the sole discretion of the DTLG Retail LLC dba Jackson Square Mall. No refunds will be provided. Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall DTLG Retail LLC dba Jackson Square Mall be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages resulting from such action.
  11. DTLG Retail LLC dba Jackson Square Mall may require the removal of items considered to be in violation of these conditions and reserves the right to make final interpretation of all conditions.
  12. If any section, sentence clause, phrase or portion of this licensing application/contract is, for any reason, held invalid or unconstitutional by any court of competent jurisdiction, such portion shall be deemed a separate provision and such holding shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions.
  13. This contract shall be deemed to have been made in the State of Illinois and shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of such state. In the event that legal action is required to enforce this contract or any of the terms thereof, such action shall be brought in the courts of Grundy County, Illinois, and the vendor expressly consents to the jurisdiction of such courts. The parties agree to accept service of process in such action by ordinary mail sent to their business address.
  14. This contract constitutes the entire agreement between DTLG Retail LLC dba Jackson Square Mall and the vendor and no modification shall be valid unless in writing and signed by the parties or their representatives.
  15. Failure to follow these rules or abusive behavior will result in immediate termination of your participation at the market.
  16. Counterfiet or "knock-off" items are prohibited from the market
  17. Payment for sale of items is handled by each vendor. DTLG Retail LLC dba Jackson Square Mall is not responsible for handling payments.
  18. Building and market rules must be adhered to.
  19. DTLG Retail LLC dba Jackson Square Mall is not liabile for theft or damages to goods.
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