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Choose your booth space you require: 10x10 Small Items (i.e.,glass, pottery - 10x15 for framed art & larger items (i.e. metal art, sculptures)

Size/weight restrictions: 48 inches (4 ft) is the maximum height or width for work. Large format work is should be limited to only several pieces. No work may be suspended from the ceiling or placed on stands or on the walls. Each piece must weigh less than 40 lbs. Price point should be under $500.

Exhibition space fee includes the application fee of $25. Application fee does not guarantee acceptance into the show. If your application is not accepted, your fee or check will be returned minus the application fee. No additional commissions are charged for this show and sale. *
I have read, understand and agree to the general conditions stated herein for entry to this show. I agree to display and sell items that are originals or limited editions produced from these originals. I hereby agree, PHWMBA Community Foundation, Picture This Multimedia Services & Hilton Garden Inn White Marsh are not responsible for personal injuries, loss or damage to any property. If accepted, my signature on this application authorizes use of my photos and/or slides for promotional use unless otherwise stated in Special Instructions. *
All types of artists are encouraged to apply to participate in The Art Show & Sale. We reserve the right to decline the application of a vendor for any reason.PHWMBA Community Foundation reserves the right to limit the number of vendors in certain categories that may include jewelry, photography, paintings/drawings, to ensure a wide variety of exhibitors. The Art Show Committee will review your application. If your application is approved, you will be notified by email. Deadline for application is December 15th, 2018.  If your application is not accepted, your fee will be returned minus the application fee of $25.   On or about January 15th, you will receive a exhibitor confirmation/space assignment with all necessary information for the Art Show & Sale.  Contact the Maryland Retail Sales Tax Office for information on a temporary permit. 
Submission of your application acknowledges your acceptance and understanding of the requirements and restrictions for all vendors, as listed above as well as acknowledgement of additional requirements stated below of this application.The Art Show & Sale will be held regardless of weather,except in the case of extreme conditions. There is no posponement date for this event at this time. Once your registration is accepted, there will be NO REFUNDS. Thank you.
Vendor Conditions & Guidelines for Participating in the Lo Voglio! Art Show & Sale
The following are additional rules and restrictions to which you are subject as a vendor at this event. You will receive another copy of these guidelines with your Vendor Acceptance Notice.
• You are required to provide a copy of a “certificate of insurance” for liability coverage and must add the PHWMBA Community Foundation, PO Box 117, White Marsh, MD 21162  & Hilton Garden Inn, 5015 Campbell Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21236,as additional insureds/certificate holders for this event. Generally, a call to your insurance company to add this information will not result in additional expense. Please have your insurance company mail the document to our P.O. Box 117, White Marsh, MD 21162, or email it to: . If this is not received before February 1st, you will not be allowed to participate the day of the event. If your business does not carry General Liability Insurance, you may submit our insurance waiver/indemnity agreement.  A link is found at the bottom of the website ARTISTS page. While artwork will be handled with utmost care during the exhibition, PHWMBA Community Foundation, Picture This Multimedia Services, nor Hilton Garden Inn-White Marsh & it's holding companies is responsible for lost or damaged artwork while it is en route to and from the show location.  Artists are advised to carry their own insurance during shipping and during the exhibition.
If you have questions, concerns or problems fulfilling this requirement, please contact Lynn Richardson at 410-493-4984 or email
• Exhibit/Sale hours are 9 am - 5pm at Hilton Garden Inn, 5015 Campbell Blvd, Baltimore, MD 21236.  This includes a VIP Brunch from 9am-11am and the show open to the General Public from 11am-5pm.
• Display area is space, tables & chairs. 
•Vendors will be allowed entrance into the hotel ballroom area beginning at 7AM on the day of the event. While the Art Show Committee will set up and display artwork that has been delivered prior to the show, any final set-up by the exhibitor must be completed by 8:30am. Exhibitors will be directed to their spaces by event staff, and are expected to occupy their space throughout the event. 
Hand Delivery and Shipping Deadline:  All accepted work must be delivered to Hilton Garden Inn, 5015 Campbell Blvd. Nottingham, MD  21236, Attn: Lynn Richardson, on Friday, Februrary 8th between 9:00 AM and 2 PM 
ONLY ONE EXHIBITOR PER SPACE IS ALLOWED. Vendors may not move their assigned locations unless directed to do so by event staff. Anyone doing this will immediately lose the privilege of remaining at the show. ANY vendor who leaves before 5PM will likely be banned from future events. Exhibitors must occupy their own space and respect the space which belongs to others. You may purchase more than one space at the same cost of a 10' x10' space at $75 each.
• Distribution of food or drink items is not allowed. 
Violations of any of these rules will result in revocation of vendor privileges and you will be asked to leave
the event. You are responsible for the clean-up of your space. Vendors who leave debris or trash behind will be billed $100.00 and may be prohibited from future participation.
Please Sign Below that you have read and understand the guidelines and conditions presented: 
Please sign here that you have read and accept our terms and guidelines. * 
If you are mailing a check, your application is not considered received until the check has cleared. Insurance forms/waiver must be received before your registration is confirmed. All registrations after 12/15/18 must be paid by using our Paypal/credit card account and a $25 late fee will apply. *