Party Notice of Nomination Method

Va. Code § 24.2-516
1. To nominate a candidate by primary, the applicable party chairman or alternate official must file an ELECT-516 Form for the office not more than 125 days and not less than 105 days before the date set for the primaries. Forms received prior to or after the stated filing window will not be accepted.
2. If the party chairman is a candidate for the office, an alternate party official must complete the form.
Complete this form in its entirety for each office. 
Contact Information

Party Information
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Office and Method of Nomination Information
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      for which you are designating a nomination
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Nomination Method (choose one) *
If non-primary, you may optionally provide the following information:
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      the non-primary nomination method
      was determined.
ELECT-516    Rev. 1/24/18