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After your Electoral Board has certified the election, use this form to submit an electronic copy of your completed abstracts, write-ins certifications (if required), and certification checklist to ELECT.
You will receive a submission confirmation email. Once ELECT has reviewed your submission you will receive another email confirming acceptence or notifying you of any issues that must be corrected. Once corrected please submit a copy of the corrected abstract(s) and/or write-ins certification(s) via a new formsite form.
Please do NOT mail your original abstracts, write-ins certifications, and certification checklist until after the electronic versions have been accepted.
Should you have any questions please email EA@elections.virginia.gov or call a member of the elections administration team:
Alex Nichols: 804-593-2262
Ellen Flory: 804-864-8923
Paul Saunders: 804-864-8922

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About the files...

1) Make sure you have entered voter turnout in VERIS before submitting your Abstracts.
2) Be sure to include:
       a) Abstracts of Votes
       b) Any Write-Ins Certifications required under Va. Code ยง 24.2-675
       c) Certification Checklist
       d) If there are errors/discrepancies in reports or anything happened that requires an explanation,
           attach supporting documents/explanations to help ELECT understand the results you are
           submitting and information shown in the reports.
3) You may include multiple abstracts/write-ins certifications in one file or separately.
Is this the first/original submission of these abstracts, write-ins certifications, and/or checklist? Or are you submitting revisions?
Original or revisions? *
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