2019 Annual Marketplace

San Diego, CA | September 22-25, 2019

Industry News Table Form

TO: Insurance industry media outlets
RE: Distribution of publications at WSIA's 2019 Annual Marketplace

WSIA's 2019 Annual Marketplace is September 22-25 in San Diego, CA. If you wish to have copies of your publication available for attendees to pick up at the Industry News table, please read the following information and complete this form by September 5, 2019. 

Approved Publications: Publications that report on insurance news and issues will be accepted. Company publications/newsletters, advertising, sales or promotional materials will not be displayed.

Attendee Access to Publications: Access to publications (which will be displayed near the Registration Area) is available during Registration hours.

Room Delivery: If you would like to schedule a room delivery of your publication, you must have prior approval and complete the Room Drop form. 

Quantity: Please provide NO MORE than 150 copies. All leftover publications will be disposed of at the event’s conclusion.

Delivery: Publications should arrive NO LATER than September 5, 2019. Please send to:

                                     Attn: Susan Henderson
                                     4131 N. Mulberry Dr., Suite 200
                                     Kansas City, MO 64116

NOTE: If you are unable to send publications directly to the WSIA office by September 5, please contact Susan Henderson at susan@wsia.org. Any publications arriving after that date must be sent directly to the Annual Marketplace site and will incur a handling fee or someone from the publication to be on-site to receive the shipment.

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