2019 Annual Marketplace

San Diego, CA | September 22-25, 2019

Industry News Room Drop Form

WSIA's 2019 Annual Marketplace is September 22-25 in San Diego, CA. Any industry publication interested in having copies of their publication delivered in-room at Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego and Marriott Marquis San Diego for attendees should complete this form.
APPROVED PUBLICATIONS: Publications that report on insurance news and issues will be accepted. Company publications/newsletters, advertising, sales or promotional materials will not be approved for room drop.

Room Delivery Rates

Marriott Marquis San Diego
Under guest room door: $3.00 per item
Outside guest room door: $3.00 per item
Inside guest room: $5.00 per item
Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego
Outside the room: $2.50 per item
Inside the room: $3.00 per item

Estimated Room Pickup per Night

  Sunday Monday Tuesday  
Manchester Grand Hyatt 1,550 1,550 1,550  per night
Marriott Marquis 1,550 1,550 1,550 per night

Please complete the following:

What nights do you intend to room drop?
 Manchester Grand HyattMarriott Marquis
Sunday, Sept. 22
Monday, Sept. 23
Tuesday, Sept. 24
Payment: Payment arrangements will be made directly with the Annual Marketplace hotels. WSIA will provide this completed form to the hotel and they will contact you to arrange details.
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