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Your overall experience at Humphreys University
The value of your Humphreys education related to cost
The quality of your interactions with Humphreys instructors
The quality of your interactions with Humphreys staff
The quality of your interactions with other Humphreys students
The number of on-campus social activities
The quality of the buildings, classrooms, equipment on campus
Quality of teaching in courses for your major
Faculty concern for your career development
Availability of courses in your major
Quality of academic advising
The degree to which your HU education prepared you for a career
The order in which you took your courses so that you took them in a sequence that built on prior learning
Quality of teaching in general education courses (English, History, Math, Science, Literature, etc.)
The quality of your learning related to technology (software, internet, etc.)
Your ability to present information clearly using oral, written, and other forms of communication with consideration of different audiences
Your ability to acquire, analyze, interpret, and evaluate information from a variety of sources and incorporate it into original work
Your competency in the theories, applications, and practices appropriate to field of study
Your ability to evaluate the importance and impact of cultural values and beliefs and engage with others from other cultures
Your ability to organize, interpret, and assess information; and assign meaning to facts to evaluate problems, generate well-supported conclusions, and apply learning to problems and issues
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