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Book Voucher Policy:
Students attending Humphreys University may be eligible for a book voucher based upon their anticipated financial aid refund. A book voucher is funded through a student’s financial aid package. Only financial aid which meets all requirements to be disbursed will be considered. Students must accept their financial aid and complete all additional requirements, such as their entrance counseling, master promissory note, PLUS loan application, etc. The student’s account will only be charged for the costs of the books charged, which will reduce the amount of the financial aid refund the student is expecting to receive for the quarter. Students who would prefer not to utilize their credit balance for a book voucher can simply choose not to utilize the book voucher. No notice to the University is required. A student who receives a book voucher is under no obligation to use it and the amount of the book voucher is not added to their student account until the voucher is used. NOT ALL STUDENTS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR A BOOK VOUCHER.
Book vouchers are granted on a term-by-term basis. Students must request a book voucher for each term. Students are encouraged to request their book voucher before the quarter starts. The book voucher timeframe generally begins finals week and ends Friday of the second week of the following quarter. For example, if a book voucher is needed for the fall quarter, it may be requested starting finals week of the summer quarter through Friday of the second week of the fall quarter. Book vouchers are only applicable for purchases made on our virtual bookstore at
Eligibility Requirements:
  1. Be registered at least half time for the quarter of the book voucher being requested.
  2. Have current financial aid awards in offered or accepted status and meet disbursement requirements for funds awarded.
  3. Have financial aid (grants, scholarships and accepted loans) that exceeds the charges on the student’s account by the amount of the book voucher request.
NOTE: A financial aid credit balance occurs when the total amount of all financial aid funds credited to a student account exceeds authorized charges such as tuition.
How to Request Book Voucher:
BE ADVISED the amount spent on books will be deducted from the scheduled financial aid refund. A book voucher is not free or additional funds. Book voucher requests require a 24-48 hour processing period.
  1. A student may submit a Book Voucher Request to the Student Services Office for the amount needed to purchase required books.
  2. An approved or denied book voucher e-mail notification will be sent to the student’s Humphreys University e-mail account.
If your Financial Aid Book Voucher request is approved you must be aware of the responsibilities under these conditions:
  1. Financial Aid Book voucher approved by Student Services will be available for use within 2 business days.
  2. The Financial Aid Book Voucher is not to exceed the authorized amount.
  3. The amount of the actual charges from the authorized Financial Aid Book Voucher will become part of the outstanding balance you owe to Humphreys University for the quarter in which the Financial Aid Book Voucher is issued.
  4. Your Humphreys University student account balance, including the amount of the actual charges from the authorized Financial Aid Book Voucher, will be paid in full utilizing the first available Financial Aid funds until balance is paid in full.
  5. Books purchased with a Financial Aid Book Voucher are subject to the eCampus return policy.
  6. You understand and agree in accepting this Financial Aid Book Voucher that failure to pay your tuition, fees, books and supplies charges from the authorized book voucher when due may result in Financial Hold for future registration, transcript privileges and final grade reports. In addition, delinquent accounts including a collection fee, may be referred to a collection agency following written notification to you.

    Notification of approval or denial will be sent to your Humphreys University student email account.


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