Alumni Award Nomination Form

The WPI Alumni Association Citations Committee welcomes nominations from the WPI community for awards presented by the Association each year. Please submit the form below along with any supplemental material, such as curriculum vitae, links to on-line newspaper articles, etc. We especially encourage this for nominees for the Robert H. Goddard Award for Outstanding Professional Achievement. Supplemental information may be sent to For more information on each award, please visit

Letters of support may be written by fellow alumni, family, friends, faculty, staff, students, or co-workers. Please advise those writing letters to be as specific as possible when explaining why this person is being nominated, and how s/he meets the criteria for the award. For example, it is not sufficient to say your nominee is a nice person who has been involved with many organizations over the years. Be specific. State how his/her involvement has impacted WPI, and describe how the nominee's involvement exemplifies WPI's ideals of powerful outcomes, lives of leadership and service, and commitment.


Nominee Information

Please include as much detail as possible as well as any links to pertinent information that will help the committee in making its selection.
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